Next up ... Radio Silence

    Thu 23/06

  • traumgarten
  • The Sonic Labyrinth
  • Third Place
  • Citrus
  • BSS Radio
  • The Mechanics of Joy
  • Misplaced Objects
  • Recovery Channel
  • ASMR: A Sensory Meridian Radioshow
  • Circus Underwater

    Sun 19/06

  • The Vinyl Train
  • Sub-Oscillations

    Sat 18/06

  • Yorobi
  • Rhythmic Culture Radio
  • Version Galore
  • Grand Gala Culinair
  • Late Night Early Morning

    Thu 16/06

  • Antikunst
  • Screamo Listening Sessions
  • Always Ultra
  • BertBert Radio
  • Dee Dee’s Picks
  • 間食-Time with Yukarita
  • Rice, Peas, Roots & Culture
  • The North Quarter
  • Alone Ensemble
  • ASMR: A Sensory Meridian Radioshow
  • Reclassified

    Sun 12/06

  • Radio Calor
  • Dimelow FM
  • From İstanbul To Amsterdam
  • The Mystic Show

    Sat 11/06

  • Curated By
  • Tetra 1
  • African Hip Hop Radio
  • Smooth & Good Radio
  • DIAL212
  • Joygail Radio
  • Sonus Apparatus
  • Young Oprah

    Fri 10/06

  • Garage Noord
  • The Houseplants Show AMS
  • Hysteria
  • Fine Grains Radio
  • NATV Radio
  • Little Miss Freedman’s Variety Show
  • Interference Patterns
  • Cosmic Cornflakes

    Thu 09/06

  • stop&listen
  • Hippies Punch Cats
  • Radio Papa
  • West Indian Fire
  • Confusion Unit
  • Chalice in Wonderland
  • InnerScapes
  • Beeswax

    Sat 04/06

  • Jamrock Radio
  • Insult to Injury Radio
  • Funk Freaks Corner
  • 1.06 Radio
  • One Finger Snap
  • Night Signals
  • Doppel

    Fri 03/06

  • Immaterial.Archives
  • Interdisciplinary Studies
  • Endlich Wochenende
  • Dekmantel Radio
  • Hidden Fruits of Terra
  • Excelsior Selectors
  • Sampled Stories
  • The Heavy Heavy Radio Show

    Thu 02/06

  • Drift Dive
  • Dirty Hands
  • Strictly Tapes
  • Bootleg Bunny Show
  • Diaspora Radio
  • Behind the Mountains
  • The Roel de Boer Show
  • ASMR: A Sensory Meridian Radioshow
  • Donnie’s Dream Show

  • Latest Message: 2 days, 7 hours ago
    Latest Message: 2 days, 7 hours ago

    Antenna anarchy from below sea level.
    Independent radio broadcasting from Amsterdam.

    For general enquiries:

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    Echobox Team
    Abel Kloos
    Amanda Violett Bosma
    Head of Growth
    Lorenzo Milelli
    Station Manager
    Rachella Groen
    Head of Programming
    Chalice Cox-Hynd
    Head of Broadcasting
    Mohamed Ghabri
    General Manager

    Visual identity by Experimental Jetset and Miquel Hervás Gómez.

    Website by Sascha Krischock.

    Streamed by Michiel Gardner.

    Gramatika Shifted Typeface by Temporary State.


    ● Independent, online radio station maintaining DIY enthusiasm with the quality of FM.
    ● Broadcasting all that Amsterdam offers through a programme of music, talk shows and takeovers.
    ● Delivering a diverse and curated radio experience from a wide range of broadcasters.
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    Although online radio is currently in bloom, we often see the word ‘radio’ fading. Echobox is an independent online station initiated by a group of local & international Amsterdammers aiming to deliver a diverse and inclusive program within a format rooted in traditional radio. A multi-faceted studio in the creative hub of Amsterdam city will cater to differing forms of content creation with a solid focus on audio: interviews, talk shows, live music as well as DJ sets within a radio context. Packing a roster of regular hosts comprised of both fresh and more recognisable Amsterdam DJs, storytellers, cultural institutions and collectives as well as one-off exclusives from artists and music enthusiasts passing through town.

    Echobox will endeavour to work closely with their broadcasters to make sure they are supported in realising their concepts and to create a level playing field for the aspiring and experienced alike. In order to portray as full a spectrum of the Amsterdam community as possible the applications will be open to all: pitches can be submitted via a simple form. Training, in-house production and carefully curated programming are integral to Echobox’s operation in order to uphold a comprehensive, inclusive and cutting edge feed.

    Team members Chalice Cox-Hynd, Victor Crezée, Mohamed Ghabri, Rachella Groen and Lorenzo Milelli have a wealth of accumulated knowledge in various fields of the music industry and have the well familiar 22tracks, BBC Radio, BLiP Agency, Mo Manager, Patta Soundsystem and Red Light Radio on their résumés. They are aiming to fill the broadcasting gap that they see in Amsterdam’s scene and bring it to the world.

    Antenna anarchy from below sea level!
    Stay tuned for lauch date.
    Team: @momanager @rachelgreeeeeennn @victorcrezee @chaliceisawitch @krazemoney

    Photo: Dennis Branko

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